Garden Renovation – Reading

This project was for a client in Reading.  We had to remove and replace wrongly laid Indian Sandstone Fossil Mint slabs in the patio (they had been laid the wrong way up). We also had to raise the patio level as it was too low against the level of the house.

Also, there was a problem with drainage on the lawn as it became waterlogged because the garden was at a lower level than the one next door so we had to put in some land drains.  We removed the existing lawn and a level of soil.  We then dug channels and put in perforated plastic pipe.  We filled around pipe with shingle and put Terram on top to let water through but not let mud through.  We the filled whole area with sieved topsoil and laid the turf for the new lawn.

Concrete Steps – Henley

F A Brothers built a flight of concrete steps outside a factory building in Henley, Oxfordshire.  These were to replace some existing steps which were inadequate.  The approach taken was to build a wooden shuttering (frame) and fill this with mesh steel reinforced concrete.  We also put some vertical bars into the existing concrete steps so that the new concrete would bond to the old concrete.  After the frame had been built and the steel mesh put in place the concrete was poured in and vibrated (with a petrol driven industrial vibrator) to suck out all the air and to give a smooth finish.  Vibrating the concrete prevents air pockets forming (especially next to the wooden frame) and makes the concrete stronger.

Limestone Patio – Sonning

This project, for a client in Sonning near Reading in Berkshire, was to extend an existing pathway with a patio and to put in another new patio area under a tree.  We feathered the ground up to the new patio area under the tree as the ground level was sloping.   The limestone slabs had to be chosen to match existing patio slabs.  We dug the area out and put in a base of scalpings and then a mix of sharp sand and cement to form a solid bed for the patio.  We then laid the slabs on top and added pointing between the slabs.

Brick Pathway – Caversham

We built a brick pathway for a client in Caversham.  First we broke up the existing concrete path and dug out for the base of the new path.   We put down a base of scalpings. We then concreted in the border bricks to prevent spreading.  We put down a bed of sharp sand on the scalpings and levelled this with a wacker (compactor) plate.  We screeded this base using a wooden float and then laid the inside bricks, filling gaps with silver sand and levelled the finished path with the compactor plate.

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